Artist Statement

Experimentation, process, materiality, and the modes and means of perception are at the center of this work. The convergence and dissonance of reflection and transparency, internal and external, old tech and new tech underpins the practice. What happens in the middle?

The work is a visual study of, and a glimpse into, illusionistic space and place. Making these pieces is an attempt to gain a more tactile, personal, and immediate experience with digital media, by using and manipulating real physical stuff - paper, film, tape, blades, pins etc. The set up, the taping, cutting, poking, ripping, are all integral parts of the work. There's a performative aspect at play as well. The videos in particular can be seen as actions, or real time experiments.

The results are imbued with their own sense of internal logic and meaning, and have a slightly strange, quasi handmade, low tech meets high tech quality.